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Teaching Teens Driving Safely and Driving Lessons

Teens: Classroom and Behind-The-wheel Driving Lessons

Metro Driving School, LLC is based in Alexandria, VA, and we are now offering limited-time group classes for teens. These classes offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Driving Tests Completed at Our School (Dmv Approved)
  • Experienced Instructors 
  • Group Discounts for Teens 
  • Just 36 Sessions Classroom, Lasting 50 Minutes Each (Dmv Approved)

  • 14 Sessions Driving and Observation with Another Teen Student (DMV Mandatory Rule)
  • Licenses Issued Onsite
  • Life Skills to Keep Teens Safe
  • Valuable Lessons in Defensive Driving
Safe Driving for Teens

We are also offering driver's education for parents and teens for just $35, and it lasts only 90 minutes!

Ongoing enrollment is available for day and evening classes.