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Driver's Training - Driver Improvement Clinic 

Adults: Classroom and Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons - Road Test Waived

At Metro Driving School, LLC in Alexandria, VA, beginner drivers are our specialty. We have more than ten years’ experience transforming nervous drivers into confident pros!

Did you know that students 18 years and older can hold a learner's permit for 60 days, in lieu of completing a driver’s training course? Ask us about DMV CDTS certificate program so that the road test with the DMV  is waived. No waiting for 60 days. Get your Driver's License Fast ! 

What’s Included in Driver’s Training Courses?

Adults Driving Lessons

You Will Participate In: 

  • 36 Classroom Sessions 

  • 14 Behind-the-Wheel Driving/Observation Lessons


  • DMV Road Test Waived via the Adult Waiver DTS-D Certificate Program...... Get Your License Fast !!!

  • No Waiting for 60 days for DMV Road Test
  • Your Driver’s License Is Issued Through Our Driving School

These benefits are available for both adults and teens. Please note that you must have a valid Virginia learner’s permit first from the DMV before participating. 

Mandatory Requirements:

  • 7 Hour Driving Lessons: $275 and Up
  • 7-Hour Driving Lessons for Dmv Road Test Failure Component

  • 8-Hour Classroom for Dmv Knowledge Test Component
  • Ask us about DMV Road Test Waiver Program

These are mandatory requirements by the DMV if anyone fails the test three times. 

Example Cost for Adults: 10-Hour Driving Lessons: $350 and Up.  

Cost for Adults: 14 Hour Driving Lessons : $450 and up. Please check REGISTER page for more information. 

Good driving skills are useful for a lifetime. This, we believe, is priceless!